The Most Important Thing Is Connection

568.01Question: Let’s say a person who is not predisposed to spirituality stumbles upon material on Kabbalah and it impresses him. As time passes, he continues to live as he lived. Is such a shallow contact enough?

Answer: It will still affect him subconsciously, but, in general, it will not give anything in particular.

The question arises, is he moving specifically toward connection with other people, even on a simple earthly level? Did this information push him forward or not?

The most important thing is still connection. All his other thoughts, the fact that he gained some material, began to consider himself wise, great, and he can speak beautifully mean nothing. There must be a particular implementation.

But the implementation is only in connection with others. Or he works at the level of ordinary people, but still does it in order to bring all of humanity together. And this is a very important job. Or works at the level of Kabbalists. There is nothing else.

And if he just came and left, well, as he left… He will come again soon. How soon? In 100 – 150 years.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Get Hooked on a Spiritual Needle” 11/3/09

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