Can We Talk About the Creator?

289Question: It is said that the Creator has many names. How many are there and who gives them?

Answer: Names are many forms of manifestation of the Creator to the created being, that is, to a person who attains the Creator. Therefore, here we can already talk about a language.

Colors, smells, and all kinds of sensations, with all these means it is possible to describe the Creator. After all, people who gradually reveal Him, perceive Him exactly in this way. Moreover, these were special individuals, such as Moses, who wrote the Torah.

In our world, you have to rise above your ideas to a plane where you will reach extraordinary objectivity. There is nothing of your own in you, you want to perceive the Creator the way He is. Therefore, you must make a restriction on yourself, on all your knowledge and feelings, and then you can approximately talk about the Creator to the extent of your attainment.

You can reach such a state only by excluding your egoism from yourself. You have to become as if non-existent in order not to perceive the revelation of the Creator, His various influences on you in some form and be absolutely objective.

This is called “to make Tzimtzum (restriction) on oneself,” meaning to restrict all egoistic desires, qualities, intentions, and understandings in the heart and mind. If the Creator is the only quality of nature that does everything, includes everything, then the question is: How can we talk about Him without knowing this?

Here a problem arises: if a person does not make a clear effort to create the correct image of the upper force within him, which is the only one that includes everything, then he makes a mistake and depicts for himself a farfetched image of the Creator. This is a serious mistake that usually leads to big problems, I would even say tragedies, because everyone begins to transmit the Creator to humanity in the form he sees fit, that is, from his inner ideas.

Therefore, people create religions, philosophies, anything they want, based on nothing but their conclusions: “I heard a voice, I had a vision,” and so on for thousands of years. These ideas have nothing to do with reality or even with science, with anything at all.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/21/22

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