Always Together

557Question: For the first time in a long while, women take part in the morning lessons and ask questions almost on an equal footing. This did not happen before. And now they are creating their own women’s Arava convention. How did it happen in our lifetime that women are pulling ahead?

Answer: The fact is that we are moving toward final correction. We are in the last phase of a general correction, and therefore, we need more active participation of the women with us, and they need our participation.

Together we return to the beginning of creation, but already corrected, to the place where both woman and man began creation, together participated in its fall, and together they must participate in its correction.

At the last stage of correction, when men have prepared everything necessary, women approach the men, and together they carry out these last stages. Therefore, it is natural that both women and men participate in all our conventions, classes, and everywhere. This will be revealed even more clearly.
From the “Arava” Convention in Europe – Lithuania 2022, Lesson 1, 7/22/22

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