Against One’s Will

155In Kabbalah, the effort of a person is his personal aspiration to the Creator. If it is made on the background of contradictions and rejection, then this effort is directed toward the Creator.

If it passes through a group, through a person’s laziness, if it is built in accordance with the instructions of the Kabbalists, then in the end, obviously, it is correct, and this is felt in the way you fulfill it, realize it.

And if there is no resistance of the body, then there is no spiritual action, because such an action is directed against egoism, bounces off it, rises above it, and is carried out in spite of it.

But what does “against it” mean? Can we do this? We can if we raise the importance of altruistic action above the egoistic, that is, we will work in a group of like-minded people and then gradually we will receive from them the importance of actions that are completely unusual for us.

But then, if we understand it well, we will realize that these actions were egoistic too. We just picked them up from the group, from the environment, like a soldier who runs into battle because everyone around him acts like that and infects him with their desire.

However, this is not yet a spiritual action. Another one is built above it when you begin to realize that this action must be directed toward the Creator. But you do not see and do not understand its meaning. Then you start asking for strength to fulfill it.

You do not want anything, only that the idea of the importance of the Creator would be so strong in your feelings that all other actions of this world would fade before it. You cannot give this action any real justification, but it is the yearning for it outside of yourself, from yourself, that leads to an understanding of what spiritual reality is.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Against One’s Will” 11/3/09

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