The Third Temple Is Not a Building

292Question: Anya asks: “When will the Third Temple be built? I sincerely believe that then silence will come, and we will understand that it is forbidden to kill each other, hate each other. I so want peace to come. Tell me, your nation built the First and Second Temples; it was a happy time, wasn’t it? Who will build the Third Temple? How will this happen? Is it possible to speed up the construction? And will our world come to peace and happiness then? Do I understand correctly?”

Answer: I do not know what exactly you understand based on what you have written. I understand that if we are going to build the Third Temple, then we now need to recruit Chinese, Taiwanese, or Arabs at our side.

Gather them, collect building materials, hire a huge office that would do the design and everything else. Recruit experts who would think about what it should look like and so on. And start building slowly. Collect money from all over the world.

But, let’s agree on this: The Third Temple will not be a building. It will be built from the hearts of people, from the desires of people who will wish for it to exist. And there will be nothing material, tangible, from vegetative or animate in it, but only human desire.

Question: So we are the builders of the Temple?

Answer: Our desires! Those who wish to unite together and complement each other to such a state that they can assemble a place that will contain the Creator. The Creator does not need stones. The Creator needs desire! Our yearning to unite between each other, which will at the same time become this house, this will be the place for the revelation of the Creator to all mankind.

Question: So the Creator can only enter such a house? In one desire, directed toward unity, toward connection of all. Is this the house built from hearts?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it have windows, doors?

Answer: They are desires! Nothing is needed. Only desires, collective desires, united only in the fact that together, in connection, in love for each other, we will achieve such a state which will be equal to the quality of the Creator. And this is called the Third Temple.

Question: Anya says that Jewish people built the First and the Second Temple, and they were destroyed. Who is building the Third Temple?

Answer: All the nations of the world. The whole world.

Question: What will push the whole world to this, to build the Third Temple?

Answer: Humanity will be prompted to build the Third Temple by realizing the necessity of good intentions, thoughts, or, God forbid, from states of bitterness, weakness, war, and great suffering.

Comment: Which seems to be closer, unfortunately.

My Response: No, it should be somewhere at their intersection.

Question: Meaning, maybe something will lead forward and something will loom ahead, and something will push from behind?

Answer: It is like getting out of Egypt. The Egyptians were chasing from behind, and Moses was walking in front and going straight to the Red Sea. Neither one is good, but this is the state that you need to move to.

Question: And so we will move to the construction of the Third Temple?

Answer: Yes.

Question: But it definitely will be built?

Answer: It is inevitable! It is already inevitable; there is nothing that can be done. Proceeding exactly from this end, the beginning of creation and the beginning of everything that exists comes.

Question: So you can say that the Creator looks at humanity from this state and invites us?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/25/22

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