The Temple Is Spiritual Construction Of The Entire World

509By working on a spiritual level, a person kills animalistic qualities within himself and allegedly eats them as a sacrifice in the Temple. This means that he already is using these qualities correctly.

However, we are not at such a level yet that we can correct ourselves in this way. This is why the Temple was ruined. It was not because it was attacked, rather it came to such a state through the fault of people who were supposed to perform internal corrections.

The egoistic Temple was destroyed, and now we can do only one thing—raise ourselves to such a level that it will be rebuilt, but in a spiritual, not in a corporeal, form.

By the way, in the old days, any person, even the one who is not from the people of Israel, could go to the Temple and participate in sacrifices and in prayer.

The Third Temple will be rebuilt not in the form of stones, but in the form of our inner qualities. It will be in the hearts of all of humanity. The temple represents the spiritual construction of the entire world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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