Real Patriotism

547.05Question: Before you moved on to the feeling of real connection, you probably had your own idea about it. What was it?

Answer: It was difficult for me to combine people’s striving for maximum accumulation with the need to strive for rational consumption. How can these two aspirations, egoistic and altruistic, somehow be mutually replaced?

Today I see that it will be this way nevertheless. Since all the current actions of humanity lead to the fact that, as a result of unemployment, buffoonery, and internecine strife, people, with all their technological capabilities will not find anything, they will hardly be able to feed themselves because they cannot arrange anything properly.

Let us say you and I have two neighboring farms. But we are only busy trying to do dirty tricks to each other, to annoy one another. Can you imagine where my resources and your resources are going? I am setting something up for you instead of working. And you want to dig under me. To annoy you, I am building a waste pit next to your house and you are building some kind of wall next to my house to block the sun from my garden. And so on, and so forth.

Instead of doing good for ourselves, we are doing harm to others. We see our main goal in this.

And what is the nation’s money, which should work for people, go to in most countries? What are the resources and natural minerals used for? To do evil to another. What for? What will it give? Just think about yourself for you to feel good!

This situation is becoming more and more irrational. We see what a frenzy so-called patriotism is in.  This is nationalism, not patriotism.

Patriotism is when we do not compare ourselves with others, when we love our country, cherish it, and just feel good in it. We are happy with ourselves, we are happy with the country and the land; we are ready to welcome others to visit. A patriot takes care of what he has. And who is taking care of anything now? Look at the relationship between people! This is not patriotism.

I am just amazed at how much everything is spinning again but on the next level.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. True Patriotism” 12/8/09

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