We Need Global Warming In The Heart

294.2The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report on widespread, rapid, and intensifying global warming. The report says that in the coming decades, climate change will increase in all regions: extreme heat waves, floods and droughts, flooding of coastal cities due to rising sea level, and so on.

The researchers claim that climate change is the result of human activity and call for urgent measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. I, however, think that the main factor of all adverse changes in the environment is man’s egoistic attitude to inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and to people.

There is no other reason. We can check: limit the amount of fuel we are burning and confirm that this does not change anything. Then we will start looking for other reasons, going through them one by one. But we do not have time for all these checks in order to find out that this is not the reason at all. We need to make the only change that depends on us.

There is no more dynamic factor than the relationship between people. Let’s correct the relationship between us and see how it will affect the climate and balance everything. Although there is no direct connection between one and the other, if we correct our relationship, we will almost immediately feel a positive effect. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, and I have no reason not to believe it.

No limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and other similar measures will help. This will not affect the warming in any way. We are like little children who think that they can influence nature with their childish games. There is nothing we can do. One release of gases from a volcano into the atmosphere will cancel all our efforts to limit the burning of fuel. These are not serious measures, and they are just in order to report that we have done everything possible.

In fact, to influence the equilibrium of the climate and bring Earth into balance is possible only from a human degree. Changes at the inanimate, vegetative and animate degrees cannot help in this. We must balance the relations between us, good and evil between people, and reach a good state between everyone, as it is written: “They helped every one his friend,” “we all are comrades and brothers,” who live on one small planet, for which we are all responsible.

We just need to start thinking this way, and this will calm all the forces of nature. No other measures will help. All of nature is in balance, except for man because of his hatred for others. Each of us treats inanimate nature, plants, animals, and people egotistically and with hatred, in order to squeeze from others maximal benefit for himself personally without considering others at all.

We must come to a balanced state when we take care of others as ourselves. After all, we are on the Earth in a closed ecological system, and if we start thinking about everyone, we will balance all the forces of nature.

We see that animals devour each other. However, they act according to their natural instinct without freewill, and therefore, nothing else is expected from them. They do not disturb the balance in nature by eating each other. No predator will kill unnecessarily if it is not hungry, unlike a person who destroys everything around him on a whim. Of course, a person should treat inanimate nature, plants, and animals in a balanced way, that is, use them only to the extent necessary for life.

Yet, the main thing is the relationship between people because this is the highest degree. Today, we are wasting natural resources unnecessarily. We must use nature in the way it happens on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees where each takes only what is vital from nature.

Then it will not be considered that we are harming nature. I am allowed to use inanimate nature, plants, and animals for my food to the extent that is necessary for life. Just like they use each other. This will not lead to any cataclysms in nature because we will not bring nature out of balance.

The commissions researching climate change cannot be objective since they are interested in continuing this process. The more cataclysms there are in nature, the more necessary these experts will be and the more funding they will receive.

Doctors are interested in having more patients, committees against anti-Semitism are interested in having more anti-Semitism, and so on. After all, everything is based on the egoism of a person who is looking for ways to raise his importance in the eyes of others.

Therefore, anti-Semites and Zionists help each other with their activities, and this is how all of humanity acts in everything. My neighbor, who runs a car repair shop, prays for more rain because there are more accidents in the rain. What will the doctors do if there are no patients? It is clear that they do not want epidemics and increased workload, but it is also not in their interests to completely eliminate diseases. This is how it is in everything.

What will the government committees do if there is no friction between the countries? Everything is based on an evil egoistic inclination, and we need to understand how to correct and balance it.

Every committee to combat extreme changes wants to ensure that these changes continue. We can see how the importance of environmental committees has grown over the past ten years. Now it will begin to decline because we are discovering that we are not able to control the forces of nature through the measures they propose, by reducing the amount of fuel burned and so on.

The world has begun to realize that it exists in a global system. The coronavirus has shown us that we live in a global world that requires us to take global responsibility. We will feel global blows and global interdependence and understand that we need global responsibility. The Earth is one system, very delicate, vulnerable, and closed. And we bring it out of balance.
From a Conversation with Journalists, 8/10/21

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