Extremely Important Work

632.3Question: We recently had students enroll in new courses on the study of Kabbalah. If you could address these thousands of students, what would you wish for them?

Answer: I would wish them the opportunity to devote the maximum amount of time to studying the foundations of Kabbalah, which they would master in such a way as a basis for further insight into society, nature, and the world.

Question: Many of our friends help students by supporting their learning process, organizing groups and workshops, and helping them advance in their studies. What would you wish for these friends?

Answer: What they do is very important. Just as blood vessels in our body deliver nutrition, information, and a huge amount of everything necessary for each organ of the body so it lives, so the spiritual life depends on these people.

They bring through themselves, through their connection with beginners, all the data that is in Kabbalah in such a form and to such an extent that it is absorbed by people whom it gradually raises along the spiritual degrees; into the state of real, correct, and mutual coexistence with vast nature, with the Creator.

So their work is extremely important!
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 4/29/22

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