We Should Fight According to Schedule

600.02Comment: Michael is asking: “You said that there can be no love without hate. What if there is no hatred, but I really want to love?”

My Response: This is a big problem. It means that you need to look for such shortcomings in love (within yourself!) that prevent you from loving.

Question: Does it mean that I myself put these barriers for myself?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: It seems to me that I love.

My Response: No. You do not love. You must constantly take care to increase love, and this is not easy.

Question: So, can it only happen on the wave of hatred?

Answer: Something like this. Yes.

Question: Then should you and I be expecting a great love right now? Today, at this time?

Answer: When we reach true hatred and love is revealed above it, it will, of course, be a great liberation of humanity.

Comment: But an ordinary person does not think so. He lives in this flow of love and lives in it.

My Response: But as soon as he touches some kind of love, some kind of good relationship, he immediately spoils them because he is not ready. He has not prepared hatred, rejection, criticism, and everything so negative to constantly pile love above it.

Question: How can you increase love all the time or how can you maintain it all the time?

Answer: Agree to fight with a certain frequency.

Question: How? According to a schedule? That is, for example, do we fight on Friday?

Answer: It could be. I am being completely serious! There cannot be one without the other. To tease each other somehow, to poke a little, something like that. We do it subconsciously anyway.

It is natural. Nature itself pulls and pushes us to this in order for us to develop contact with each other.

Question: How can we control so that we do not fall into this hatred at this moment?

Answer: Keep the correct goal, the correct goal is connection, embracing and getting closer to each other. However, for the sake of this, we still need to step back a little, look at the other somehow. This is, in principle, a game.

Question: We were talking about a married couple. What about nations and parties?

Answer: Everything is arranged in this way. If we correctly develop married couples and then society, let’s say in the classroom, at school, which is completely not yet understood by our teachers, and then at at work, then we will constantly take into account these periods when we should be distancing from each other, and then coming closer to each other, distancing – coming closer.

Question: Can we say criticism and rising above criticism?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do countries also exist in the same way?

Answer: Absolutely in everything. This is a reciprocating motion.

Question: What about the universe, is it the same?

Answer: It also goes along with the pulse. Our pulse works in the same way. Our heart, and our brains, and absolutely everything works in such an alternating state.

Question: Will this be the correspondence with nature?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will love be growing all the time? Will there be a connection?

Answer: You can call one state negative, the other positive, or “one” and “two,” no matter how, but they must constantly alternate with each other, like day and night.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/14/22

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