Do Not Waste Your Time—Come To The Kabbalah Courses!

151Question: How can a person prepare himself for the study of Kabbalah? What would you suggest?

Answer: I think a person should just come to our course. I cannot offer anything else. There are many suitable materials from simple to more complicated.

The best thing is to come to the course. Today it is very easy to do it through the Internet.

Question: What is the correct approach to studying and to the information about Kabbalah that a person receives through our channels, through your videos, and through the materials he sees on our sites?

Answer: He needs to understand that there is no more elevated and special occupation in the world than the study of the science of the universe, the science of attaining the upper governing force. If one has such an attraction, then the person is really lucky, and this must be realized. Let him not waste time.

Question: When a person begins to get interested in Kabbalah, how can he establish himself in the correct form in relation to the surrounding world, from to the infinite sea of ​​information and everything that happens around him, and to people close to him: family, children, work, etc.? What should be the correct form that would help him rather than interfere with him?

Answer: I think that when a person begins to deal with the issues of the universe, his own self, and his goal, then everything else shifts and becomes several steps lower in importance for him.

It is precisely the desire to attain his destiny, his world, and the upper force that governs him and prevails in him. This is what he must go for.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 7/19/21

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