How To Start Studying Kabbalah?

962.1Question: Recently, the question often asked on your channels is: “Where to begin studying Kabbalah?” People say that there are a lot of different materials on the Internet, including videos with you. But what is the right way to begin so as not to get confused?

Answer: I would still advise them to enter a group that is beginning the training, and to systematically engage in it. If they want to move faster, then more intensive classes are possible in parallel with this group.

We have a lot of literature, audio and video materials. But still, to move forward correctly, you need to be attached to some group.

Question: Indeed, there is a huge amount of material. Can a person figure it out for himself?

Answer: I think not.

I read material about Kabbalah for five years without any guidance, I passed through many different teachers. But until I found my teacher, I did not understand anything systematically. I had a big farce in my head and in my heart.

Only systematic classes bring our thoughts in order and give a complete picture of the world.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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