The Object Of Attainment Is The Creator

535.03Question: What actions can a person perform in the spiritual world in order to acquire knowledge, and is this knowledge always aimed at the Creator?

Answer: There is no object, goal, or system in the spiritual world that we can discover and aspire for other than the Creator.

We are totally inside Him. But the more we connect to Him by different attributes, attainments, knowledge, and powers to mutually and bilaterally bestow unto Him and to receive a response from Him, the better off we will be because we will attain the optimal form of life best for us.

There is nothing other than the Creator in spirituality. It is an upper field in which we exist, and the goal of our development is only the attainment of the center of the field, its upper pole.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/16/19

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