The Tenth Part Is for the Creator

610.1Question: It is written in the Torah that we must give away the tenth part of everything we receive. What does it mean?

Answer: The fact is that the highest part of the spiritual system, Keter (crown), comes directly from the Creator. The influence of the Creator spreads through nine degrees and reaches the last tenth degree, Malchut, which wants to receive all the actions of the Creator into itself.

Despite the fact that Malchut receives from the Creator everything beautiful, good, kind, and eternal, this separates it from Him in qualities, since He is the giver and it is the receiver. Therefore, if Malchut wants to attain the Creator, to get closer to Him, to be not just receiving and distant, but bestowing and close, it makes a restriction on its desire to receive and begins to act: as the Creator is to it, so it is to Him. This is its correction of its nature.

By making the restriction on the last phase, you perform the opposite action, that is, you already receive in order to bestow. You continue to receive into the previous nine Sefirot, but not into Malchut, and you perform these receptions in order to be connected with the Creator, to bestow to Him.

This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah studies: how we can become similar to the Creator and thus get closer to Him.

Question: Is this why in our world this is manifested in the form of the law described in the Torah that the tenth part of the earnings, harvest, and generally everything one receives should be given either to the Temple or simply be detached from oneself?

Answer: Yes, you cannot receive one tenth of what you earn. This part does not belong to a person. It belongs to the Creator.

Therefore, a tenth part is usually given to charity, to spread knowledge about the Creator in the world and to give people an understanding of how to interact with each other, with the Creator, how to rise above their egoistic nature, and so on.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/10/22

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