When Is Pharaoh Revealed?

530Comment: You often say that Pharaoh exists only in a group of people who are trying to connect with each other in order to reveal the upper force of nature, the Creator. Then this egoistic force manifests there.

My Response: No, our egoism is revealed at all levels, regardless of where we are, how and with whom we contact. Egoism is our nature. Yet, if we want to understand, emphasize, and start working with it; if we want to change ourselves and change it, then we are already dealing with such qualities of nature called “Pharaoh.”

Simple social disintegration, the usual everyday egoism between people, is not Pharaoh. After all, he is revealed in the conscious work of a person in relation to other people.

All the characters described in the Torah are revealed when we try to purposefully change ourselves. If a person wants to direct himself to the Creator, then he begins to see the force that prevents him from doing this, and this is already Pharaoh.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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