Is It Necessary To Fight With Stress?

627.1Question: It is known that stress increases the likelihood of hypertension, heart attack, and stroke, and it shortens life.

But at the same time, other research  concludes that the absence of stress has a bad effect on a person’s tendency to empathize and that their positive emotions are less vivid. And it is very interesting that embryos that have been stressed during fertilization are more successfully attached in the uterus and fathers with high levels of the stress hormone take better care of the child.

Is it necessary to fight stress? What is it and why is it given to us?

Answer: Our life is stressful all the time. And inside it, at all biological levels, there is also constant stress. Life is a clash of opposites and their combinations. It occurs on the border between plus and minus. And therefore it can always be described as stress.

Question: So is the combination of opposites such an explosion? Is stress good or bad?

Answer: It’s all necessary. When it is necessary, we don’t define it as good or bad. Rather, we need to talk about how we can manage these states.

Question: So stress can be managed?

Answer: Absolutely! Otherwise, why are we given brains and our whole environment? In order to adapt ourselves to proper stress management.

Question: How can stress be managed?

Answer: It is by understanding that the combination of plus and minus at all levels, in all circumstances, is necessary and should exist, and we need to learn how to do it.

Question: How do we do it?

Answer: It is very simple. Build love over all manifestations of hatred.

It is the same principle. There must be hatred, rejection, and any negative and above it undoubtedly a positive.

This is what the science of Kabbalah speaks of—how to get a plus from a minus, to leave a minus and leave a plus, and so that they exist in addition to each other. In Kabbalah, this is explained as the correspondence of darkness and light.

Question: But how do I attract love if I hate, and hate intensely?

Answer: This must be achieved through education, when a person realizes that there is no plus without minus and no minus without plus and that the correct combination of the two creates life. When a person comes to this understanding, he becomes calm and reasonable, follows the middle line, and builds himself and the world.

Question: What are my actions if I hate?

Answer: Realize that everything comes from an upper force and is given to us so that we balance all negative qualities, properties, and circumstances with positive ones. And all this can happen only in our awareness. When we realize this, we begin to treat everything with kindness, we do not denying anything, but rather we accept everything as an absolute necessity.

Question: So is this hatred a necessity now?

Answer: It is necessary for us to rise above it and exist above it and in it. And then we will balance these two forces of creation: plus and minus.

Question: That’s the whole difficulty: above it, is it possible somehow?

Answer: No, it will only be possible egoistically. In order to exist with it, it is necessary to rise above it and balance all negative properties by adhering to the Creator.

Question: It’s not easy. Can you give some simple formula for rising above hatred?

Answer: The formula is such, that minus equals plus. That is it. Where there is a minus, you should see a plus.

Question: What I hate now is a minus?

Answer: This is a minus until you realize that it is also a plus at the same time.

Question: So it’s good that I hate now?

Answer: Yes. But why is it given to you? So that you can turn it into a plus.

It means to understand that your attitude to the world depends on your attitude to the world. You have to change your attitude to the world. And how? It’s very simple. Replace egoism with altruism and hatred with love. And everything will be fine.

Question: So I hate this person, but I say to myself: “This is given to me so that I love him”?

Answer: You are given just the opposite properties. Replace them with the reverse ones and you will receive a wonderful world.

Question: Is it within my power?

Answer: It is not within your power to transform or to accomplish it, but it is in your power to ask the Creator to make it so you reach a state where you really crave it.

Question: Is this what hatred comes for? So that I beg that I want passionately to replace it with love?

Answer: Yes. And then you will realize that all this was not for that, but in order for you to have contact with the Creator. And that’s it.

Question: Is He calling us to turn to Him?

Answer: Otherwise we would not have turned in His direction.
From the TV program “News with Michael Laitman” 12/23/21

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