A New Form Of Power Over The Individual

961.1Question: Today, in the era of neoliberalism, the power of the state over the individual is gradually waning. Is this good or bad for the development of mankind?

Answer: I do not think that the power is diminishing because the state does not give up its positions, its power, and does not transfer them to the individual.

Comment: But a person feels freer than a few hundred years ago.

My Response: He feels this way only because he is constantly inventing all sorts of mechanical machines, toys, and tools that give him the illusion of freedom, but nothing more. Are we free? Today I depend on everyone: they listen to me, everyone can see where I am, what I am, and so on. Where is this freedom?

Comment: Anyway, a few hundred years ago, any ruler could do whatever he wanted with an individual without any punishment. Today, there is no such thing in democratic countries.

My Response: It does not mean anything. The freedom that we had before has taken a different form today. But this does not mean that we are free. Just as you let a child out of your arms, he runs around on the lawn, and it seems to him that he is free. But you are watching him.

That is, the nature of man has not changed, just the power over people has taken other forms, even more defined, rigid, and restricting. They watch you; they see right through you!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/22/22

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