Income Growth For Every Third Inhabitant Of The Planet

290Comment: Over a year ago the biggest trade agreement in history between 15 countries was signed. It promised an increase in income for every third inhabitant of the planet and gave hope for the revival of world trade and cooperation. The agreement united China and the Asian-Pacific region countries including Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

The agreement allows trading partners in Asia to gain access to each other’s markets, reduce taxes on goods, and improve living standards, especially for the poorest countries in the region. They say: “The agreement is open to all. We are waiting for India here.”

Why not live like that? They set noble goals. Even though they are egoistic, they are set to provide income for people who are poor and have nothing today.

My Response: Yes, people there live poorly, of course.

Question: Why can’t all leaders rise above their pride, enter into one union and start to slowly revive our world, which is falling economically all the time?

Answer: I do not think it is possible. I do not even hope that it will all be as cheerful as they write. Someone has to win at the expense of the one who loses.

Such is our world! Therefore, agreements are agreements, but then politics and petty egoism come into play, and that is it.

Question: So we will not be able to live normally in this world?

Answer: No. We cannot. And these good impulses, they are all not good. The point is, how will they win? At the expense of whom will they win?

Question: So you think that one way or another, I have to suppress someone?

Answer: Our world is created in this way.

Question: And when they say “equal agreements”?

Answer: It is what they always say: mutually beneficial conditions, mutual trade, wellbeing of nations.

Question: What union will work?

Answer: The one that has a different goal: to lead people to unity, to rise above themselves, above their egoism, and above their nature. Otherwise nothing will work.

Question: So my goal to provide wellbeing to a third or half of the world’s population, to the whole world, will not work anyway?

Answer: No.

Question: And the goal should be that the people of the world will be able to unite?

Answer: Yes. Such a goal is in a state of good balance with the general force of nature and with the general development of humanity. And then of course, it will work.

Question: Can you imagine such leaders who say: “We are now uniting in order to…”?

Answer: And they will explain that “might goes before right,” that you cannot go against nature. And it turns out that going against this basic law of nature is stepping on some kind of a rake again, on one side or on the other, under some other pretext, it does not matter.

Question: That is, if a person does not change and is a wolf to another man, or will be in competition with another one …?

Answer: They are originally wolves. And they will not cover it up with some good external deeds. This will come out and lead them perhaps to an even bigger war among themselves.

Question: Are you saying that if we are wolves, then we cannot achieve anything in this world?

Answer: Nothing, only suppressing each other, only rising one above the other. We must play our egoism.

Question: Who does the wolf have to become for everything to happen? For everything to be good?

Answer: He must understand his wolf nature, and understand that nowadays we cannot act any other way, but only by being aware of our nature and gradually resisting it together. It is not easy, but we should at least admit it.

Question: What advice would you give to these leaders in this situation, in this world? If you were listened to, what would you say? Take care of yourself?

Answer: Yes, take care of yourself. Write a general memorandum of your intentions and how you expect them to be realized; explain it to each other. This is possible only if you advance alongside the development of nature so that your development coincides with its development.

We see over the course of millions of years (with humanity it is over thousands of years) how nature develops us egoistically and at the same time creates such conditions that we must somehow cope with this egoism and balance it. And if we do not, then it is done through war.

So we have no choice but to first understand our nature, what state we are in and what the path of our development should be and that it must necessarily be in connection between us above our egoism.

Question: And is this your advice to leaders?

Answer: Yes, to admit that we all are egoists. It is not that difficult. But the fact that we should work on our egoism and get closer to each other, this is already a problem. How can we see us rising above egoism and acting against it? How can we weaken the egoistic ties between us and replace them with some kind of more or less altruistic, equal ties that are actually based on mutual understanding and mutual connection? It is not easy.

Question: Would the law of mutual guarantee that we are talking about suit them? Can it be included in the memorandum?

Answer: In principle, this implies that we commit to act in mutual assistance.

Question: Mutual assistance to what?

Answer: Mutual economic assistance, which in fact provides for universal development, the one in which no one acts at the expense of others, so that no one suppresses anyone else.

And how is this possible if we are in a closed space, in the closed world? We must initially determine for ourselves the norms of our behavior, each one in relation to all. It is, as it were, a group of 15 people who must work out some kind of a system for relating harmoniously.

Question: And if they decide to build some kind of common territory in which everyone will, in general, be satisfied with this connection, then should they follow these principles?

Answer: They must develop the population. They must explain to the population that the future of the world lies in a good connection between people, otherwise war in our time will destroy them in a second.

Therefore it is necessary to act in such a way so as not to lead these 15 countries to a fierce war in which they have already been, each in their own way; but here it can explode in general. So this association will split into many different small associations, which will begin to fight among themselves, hog the blanket, and this will all end.

Question: This striving for a good connection is necessary, isn’t it?

Answer: Who will lead this good relationship? Who will promote it? Who understands what this good connection means? Who will oppose the egoistic one-man politicians, each of whom in turn wants to climb over everyone and be above them? This is the nature of our world. And who is in charge of these states? The biggest egoists.

So I do not know. Personally when I look at it all, I just care that it does not explode.

If they do not follow the path of the correct education of the population of their 15 countries, then in the end they will see how angry they are with each other, how much their inner egoism does not allow them to connect with each other at least to some extent, and as a result a trade war will begin, then a political war, and then a real war.

Question: So isn’t education the only way?

Answer: Only education, changing a man.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/3/22

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