Constantly Changing Pharaoh

962.6Question: Why is Pharaoh constantly changing? First he was good, then he was bad and so on. What does it mean?

Answer: He does not change by himself, but what changes is only his manifestation in relation to a person. At first, it seems to a person that Pharaoh is good, that he equips him with everything, leads him, hosts him, and gives him a good place in Egypt.

Then gradually, it is as if a different Pharaoh appears and he is bad. So it is said in the Torah: “And a new king arose over Egypt” (Rabash, “A Real Prayer is over a Real Deficiency”).

It is the same king, but because the person has changed and requires a different attitude toward himself, then Pharaoh has changed and does not give him what he would like. So it turns out to be a bad Pharaoh.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/14/22

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