When Apathy Occurs

222Question: There are periods in a person’s life when he feels a streak of failure and a lack of interest in life, apathy. If you go to a psychologist, he will say that it is depression or a consequence of mental trauma. If you go to some “faith” or “spiritual” healer, he will say that it is an evil eye or a curse. If you turn to a Kabbalist, how would you define such states?

Answer: If we are talking about an ordinary person, then there is nothing to talk about here because he is in captivity of his interests, knowledge, and education.

But if we are talking about a person who wants to understand life and is already trying to get acquainted with the system of nature called the Creator, trying to understand how it controls him, but he can influence it, then here is a completely different interaction of a person with the Creator.

This is a very interesting system when a person reveals how he is interconnected with it and how he can change it and feel differently because of interaction with it. In general, this is a unique opportunity given to us to explore nature, ourselves, the Creator, and the whole world around us.

All Kabbalistic primary sources speak of a person who is in a spiritual search and who wants to comprehend the power of nature, the Creator, who controls him and wants to bring him to a conscious state.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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