War And Prayer

507.04Question: If war manifests itself in matter, in the brute forces of nature, and not inside a person or humanity, does it mean that humanity has lost the internal war? Or is it not so clear cut?

Answer: There is a constant struggle at different levels. Sometimes it turns into a war and continues on.

Question: If a war breaks out, then, in principle, is it is no longer possible to prevent it with prayers?

Answer: Yes, as it is said: “Power was given to an evil angel, an evil inclination.”

Question: The worst thing is that nothing can be prevented. We see all the time that a person does not believe that something can happen and until the last moment thinks that everything will pass. And when everything starts, it is already too late, you cannot run away and prayers do not help. Only time will help.

Answer: Not only that. You still need to try to make a correction at a higher level. That is, to attach more participants to the correction, then it will be more powerful, and in some form it can even suppress the evil that is coming at the moment.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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