The Book Of Zohar—A Study Of The Creator

908Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai [author of The Book of Zohar] was revealing the secrets of the Torah, and friends were listening to his voice, connecting with him, and each contributed his part to this unity (The Ramchal, Adir BaMarom (Mighty on High), 24).

Rabbi Shimon and his nine disciples had such a strong desire to attain the Creator in all states of their interaction that they managed to create a mutual inner connection between them. This means that “friends were listening to his voice, connecting with him.”

They were reading passages from the Torah, each of them reacted to these texts, described their feelings, and completed the others, and one was responsible for writing down the words of all the disciples.

Since they were connected with each other, they expressed their impressions from the common source, the Creator, whom they were attaining, feeling, and thus could analyze, verify, influence Him, and receive an answer from Him.

That is, their impressions from this common source is a very serious study of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/15/22

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