Our Role In The Soul Of Adam

17.01Question: What is this necessity that we feel lately to ask for the friends? I increasingly feel the need to ask for them, for love, for unity, and for bestowal. If I don’t ask, I feel like something is wrong. I want to ask for them all the time, I want to ask only for them.

Answer: This is the most correct decision, the outcome of our convention. If from now on I can continue to live by the desires of my friends and raise them to the Creator, this is the best result of the convention!

We must check ourselves each time: “Is my desire not my desire? Is it the desire of my friends that I receive from them and raise to the Creator?” Thus, I am the link between the entire ten and the Creator, and between the Creator and the entire ten.

What about myself? I am zero! Only a transmitting link from bottom to top and from top to bottom, this is my real role in this Kli (vessel), in the soul of Adam.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us” Lesson 7

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