Turning To The Creator To Get Light For The Friend

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah starts with the condition of loving another as yourself. Under this condition a person comes from love for the other to love for the Creator and reaches adhesion. And adhesion with the upper force is the purpose of creation that we have to reach.

Granted, we cannot talk about this when we’re disseminating to the masses. We hide this part in the same way that we do not tell children the entire truth about our world all at once. We gradually, as much as it is possible, disclose the truth to the parts of desire or the people who are not ready to hear it in full. We tell them what they can accept, what is close to them, and what will benefit them. And then, as they grow, we reveal to them more and more.

According to the principle of love for the other, I should come to a state when all desires of another become more important and greater to me than my own. I use my desires, my forces, to service the other, in order to fulfill his desires.

Indeed, we are built in such a way that we can fulfill the desires of the other by means of our own desires, but only through the Creator. I have nothing to give to others, but if I turn to the Creator in order to satisfy the desires of another, my vessel will suddenly appear to be designed precisely for this: to establish a connection with the Creator and receive from Him what I intend to give to the other.

Thus, the action starts from the other whose desires I want to accept as my own, above myself, to raise his desires along with my own to the Creator, to receive forces and fulfillment from Him, and give them to the other.

This reminds us about what we study during the lessons: Malchut ascends to Zeir Anpin and rises together with him to Bina. They are also called two brothers; one of them is the first born who takes twice as much in order to grow up and be ready to perform a Zivug (coupling) that will allow carrying the Light to the lower one. This is what happens in our relationships as well. All the souls act in this manner.

Thus, anyone who bestows to the other takes the form of Zeir Anpin. And everyone who receives takes the form of Malchut, Shechina, which connects to Zeir Anpin, to the upper one, the giving friend. Thus, we actualize the theory which we study during the lessons on The Study of the Ten Sefirot.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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