Me, My Friend, And The Creator

533.01Comment: Recently, at a morning lesson, your student said with such pain that he needs the Creator more than friends.

My Response: Naturally. No one comes to us in order to find love for their neighbor. And no one in the world needs it.

Comment: It seems like you really need to start coercively to force yourself into it.

My Response: And here it will not work by force.

Comment: You have already answered this question more than once. But all the same, there are questions all the time, and they are in everyone.

My Response: Yes, they will be there until the very last stage. Until complete correction, there will always be the same question: “I don’t want to love the one I feel outside of myself. I can’t!”

Question: He says: “I can’t.” A need arises in the Creator as if there is a dialogue with Him, mechanically, internally, and ?

Answer: We are deceiving ourselves. In fact, the one who is outside of me does not matter to me, neither does the Creator or the friends. Because if I depend on the Creator, if He commands and everything else, then how can I do that?

Comment: But if it doesn’t matter, let’s get rid of our friends and work only for the Creator.

My Response: You can’t. You don’t have any image in front of you. You will draw whatever you want, as all religions do. So it won’t work.

We must act as it is written in the works of Kabbalists, the way they went, we must go the same way, not because we are dumber than them, but because there is simply no other way.

We must learn to need others. We must understand that everything around us is actually the manifestation of the same Creator, only in a form that more clearly shows me how much I am against it. That is, to the extent that I push people, humanity, and everything in general away from me, to the same extent I push the Creator away. And there are no differences here.

Question: To the same extent that I try to attract others, do I attract the Creator? How can we make it enter the heart?

Answer: Gradually, together with our efforts, the upper light influences us, and it is this light that creates a new system of relations in us.

Question: But you say it will be practically until the final correction?

Answer: No. We want to take at least a few steps. Each time it is necessary to take a certain step forward in this.

Question: But is such difficulty an indication, as you always say, of a lofty soul?

Answer: Yes. The higher the soul, the deeper its egoism, the harder it is, and the more difficult it is for a person to get out of himself. And so for heavy souls it takes decades.

Question: What is your practical advice?

Answer: Just don’t leave. Don’t let there be a single day without classes and not a week without meetings with friends. Do what Kabbalists, our teachers, advise. And everything else will be from the upper light, from the Creator, which surrounds us and includes everything.

Question: What is your advice to his friends, his ten?

Answer: Just continue and increase the sensitivity of communication with each other. Not in words but rather from within everyone, so that there is a need for this.

Question: And the revolution will take place?

Answer: Undoubtedly it will happen. And I also give all this in a gradual form. We have only recently started talking about love for the Creator. So the time has just arrived.

But before that, how long did we have to go and search, study, and generalize everything that is. And now the time has come. This is the last stage. From this only development proceeds—the real development of the soul in man. Was it not possible to do this before? It is forbidden. This is the type of instruction that I receive in this way, and therefore I can only send it in this way. And no other arguments or desires can be here.

Question: That is, must the student throw himself into this water and swim, swim, swim?

Answer: No, he is already prepared for this! It is no longer just blind movement forward.

Comment: But still there is so much pain in the question.

My Response: As in each of us, it will always be that he treats his friends differently than he treats the Creator. And in the end, the test lies precisely in the fact that the attitude toward the Creator should be as toward friends, and the one toward friends as toward the Creator: love your neighbor as yourself.

And accordingly, he will also check himself: in fact, do I treat others the way I treat myself? I, the friends and the Creator—all this should be part of one thing.

I think that we will still come to this in a relatively short time. I think that it will be months, not years, when we will begin to compare our relationship to ourselves, to the group, and to the Creator on a real scale.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/13/21

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