Direct Degree To The Creator

530Rabash, “Article 17”: However, it is impossible to receive the influence of the society if he is not attached to the society, meaning if he does not appreciate them. To the extent that he does, he can receive from them the influence without any work, simply by adhering to the society. 

This means without any effort. I do not need to make an effort that I am not able to do. I need to make the efforts on which my attitude to the group depends. Our ascent happens only to the extent of our connection in the group. And the connection depends on the greatness of the group.

To the extent of my appreciation and my submission to the friends, to the extent of my connection with them, I enter the spiritual world, spiritual qualities. As much as I annul my egoism and tie my friends to me, I become similar to the Creator and everything opens up to me. That is how it is on every degree.

This is how we have to work on ourselves: connection with the group, connection with the Creator. Because the connection with the group is the building of a Kli (vessel) and the connection with the Creator is the filling of this Kli with light. And we move on! On the next degree, the same thing happens: connection with the group, connection with the Creator, and we move on! And this is how we advance all the time.

Question: Is the measure we see our friends greater than ourselves necessary to make our ego suffer? Do we need to continue more and more so that this pain intensifies until we reveal the Creator?

Answer: You have to accustom yourself to the idea that this should not cause you suffering, but, on the contrary, gratitude to the Creator for doing this to you and you can ask Him, for the fact that you have a direct degree here, by which you can rise.

To the extent that you come closer to the group, you come closer to the Creator. To the extent that you lower yourself, you can come closer to them. Here you have to pray and ask the Creator to raise their importance in your eyes, and then it will not be difficult for you anymore.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Adhering to the Friends” Lesson 3

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