Covenant Of The Eyes

276.02Question: In Kabbalah is there such a thing as a covenant of the eyes? What does it mean?

Answer: The covenant of the eyes is a high union, already into the light of higher comprehension, the light of Hochma.

As in our world there are people who say, “I heard,” and there are those who say, “I saw.” In Kabbalah, sight symbolizes the light of Hochma and hearing is the light of Hassadim.

As for the light of Hassadim, we cannot say exactly what we feel. We hear, but it is not a full realization. Full realization is seeing.

Accordingly there are prophets who said, “I saw” or “I heard.” “I saw” is an absolutely complete comprehension of the Creator and we treat such a prophecy as the highest.

The division into “seen” and “heard” is in everything that happens to us. Of course, we receive everything from the Creator. Whatever each of us experiences in life comes only from Him.

He alone fills us and moves us all the time. But the most important thing that we desire is absolute comprehension, and it can only be in the light of Hochma, that is, in vision.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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