Only If The Creator Helps

610.2We ask the Creator to give us the strength so we can perform all our actions for You, meaning for the sake of the Creator. Otherwise, meaning if You do not help us, all our actions will be only for our own benefit. (Rabash, “What Is, ‘The Good Deeds of the Righteous Are the Generations,’ in the Work?”)

Our attitude to the future, regardless of whether it will be for our sake or for the Creator’s sake, depends only on the Creator’s help.

If He does not help us, we will automatically do everything within our egoistic nature and live within the limits of our world and will think only about ourselves without even realizing that it is possible to go beyond these thoughts. This is the lowest, the worst possible state of all in nature.

And vice versa, if the Creator shines His light on us, helps us to connect, and begins to fill the space between us, the emptiness, rejection, and distance, then we will begin to feel each other exactly in the way in which His presence between us will do it.

Our initial state can be compared to slices of bread or vegetables in soup. The soup is like the light of the Creator, which should fill all the distances between us, and we will be in it. This is called “creating Shechina,” the presence of the Creator that would fill everything between us.

In accordance with this, our attitude toward each other is changing. While we remain egoists inside ourselves, opposite to each other, we treat each other in accordance with the effect of the light, the Creator, on us.

By making a restriction on our egoism and finding a screen to turn the ego into bestowal, love, and connection, we thus get a multiple,  625 times the connection with each other. It turns out that all our actions are no longer for our own sake, but for the sake of our connection with everyone, between us and the Creator.

But if we cannot ask the Creator to help us with His force, to correct everyone’s intention from receiving to bestowal, from distance to connection, then nothing will help us. We ourselves will not be able to make a single correct move toward each other. In no way! Only if the Creator helps us.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/9/22, “Asking the Creator to Fill the Place Between Us” Lesson 7

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