The Creator Will Gladly Help Us

528.02It is clear that we are not able to change our nature from egoistic to altruistic. It is like rising from the level of created being to the level of the Creator. Of course, it is not in our power because we are just created beings and rather low.

Obviously, we have the chance to grow, but this is still ahead of us. The more we try to rise to the spiritual reality, the deeper we plunge into the corporeal world because the Creator created one against the other. It is due to both forces, Pharaoh and the Creator, and learning how to use them correctly so that we rise between the two, in the middle line, toward the Creator.

Of course, we cannot unite in the ten by ourselves, but we can ask the Creator to help us connect. But it is impossible to ask until we have tried to do it ourselves. That is, we make efforts to connect and discover how different we are, that do not accept each other, how lazy we are and do not understand what connection is, or what it means to be one man with one heart.

When we fall into despair from our attempts, we turn to the Creator. Now we have something to show Him: “Look, we tried everything and nothing works. You must help us!”

But if we did not start trying on our own, the Creator would not be able to help us. He always makes corrections to our unsuccessful attempts. All our work is to try to do something, and after that we have the right to turn to the Creator and He will help us with great joy. After our own attempts, we realized where the shattering occurred and how to correct it, and that we ourselves are not capable of it.

When a person tries to achieve unity on his own, that is, the spiritual degree where he is united with others, he reveals his helplessness. He understands that he has no feelings, no understanding of how to do this, and he needs to receive the upper force, the upper desire for this. That is, he lacks the work in the mind and heart.

The Creator does everything, but we must come to Him with despair from the work that we tried to do and did not succeed. Until we try it ourselves, we do not know what to ask for.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/4/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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