We Can Only Ask

558Man must be convinced of his complete helplessness, must have lost all hope to reach spirituality by his own forces. This is a very important conclusion, and it takes a long time for a person to understand that there is not even one quality in him with which he can succeed except for the only chance the Creator left—connection with Him.

The only thing a person can do is to ask and nothing else! In everything else I am just an animal, and only a tiny thread connects me with the Creator. By grasping this thin thread, I can climb from the degree of an animal to the degree of man.

This discovery can take years for a person to understand and start asking. He asks for one thing only: for the force of bestowal. I want to bestow to my friends, to bestow to the Creator; I do not want to remain an animal, I want to become a man.

And here a question arises. Why do I need the degree of man? What is my intention? Is it unpleasant for me to be at the animate level or do I want to bestow? Maybe I hope that at the spiritual degree it will be better for me, for my egoism? This still needs to be clarified in order to cross the border from the corporeal to the spiritual world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/21, “Everything is Obtained By the Power of Prayer”

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