Pray And Seek A Connection With The Creator

236.01Question: How should I work with the four types of desires that are manifested in me when I work in the ten?

Answer: Prepare interrelated, mutually complementary qualities so that one common upper force is manifested in them.

Question: But what should I do when, say, the desires of “Egyptians” arise in me? I feel that I only want to perform actions, I do not have the strength to even think about intention. I do not want to hear about it at all!

Answer: Pray.

Question: Is this the only thing that can be done? To analyze and then pray?

Answer: Pray at the beginning, during, and after the analysis. The main thing is to be constantly connected with the Creator.

Question: Are there no other actions?

Answer: There are actions, but they are auxiliary, aimed at becoming even more connected with the Creator. This is not easy. It seems to us: “Well, what could be easier? I turned on some kind of a light bulb and that is it, you are attached to it.” No. Your egoism will work against this.

So, it turns out that your egoism is here, the Creator is here, and you are between them in order to correctly connect them with each other so that the Creator corrects egoism, and egoism approaches the Creator.

Comment: Yes, but can I push a button somewhere and start praying?

My Response: Start pushing. Look for this button.

Comment: This is not a kind of book someone wrote a prayer in and I am reading it. Prayer is a state. You have to reach it.

My Response: Yes, you need to look for it.

Question: Does It mean that all my work is to search? To search, where these “Egyptians,” “mixed multitude,” and “Israel” are in me?

Answer: All this will manifest itself; the main thing is to seek a connection with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/13/19

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