Freedom Is Restriction

273.02Question: Free trade, free market, is this good or bad?

Answer: But we see that it is not free. As long as our world is governed by rigid egoistic laws, nothing can be free.

We must regulate these laws so that we do not kill each other around the corner. Therefore, we must forcefully drive ourselves into some kind of network of mutual relations, restrictions, contracts.

The fact is that all contractual conditions that exist in society today come to us from the time of Ancient Rome and even from earlier times. We rely on them. Our laws are based on Roman law, Greek law, slogans of the French Revolution, etc. This all exists to this day and carries a limiting factor.

Freedom means restriction. But within the framework of these restrictions, a person feels free. From what? From the fact that no one will attack him, nothing bad will happen to him. That is, freedom is practically a set of laws that help us not kill each other and to coexist peacefully within these laws.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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