Desires Israel And Yechudim

571.03Question: There are desires such as Israel and Yechudim within a person What is it?

Answer: “Yechudim” comes from the word “Yechud” (unity)—when we try to unite. Israel, Yashar-Kel (straight to the Creator)—when we are heading toward the goal.

These are different nuances depending on what we are doing at the moment. Each person has these properties, depending on how we highlight them at every second.

Israel comes out of Egypt because they are more and more united. When they unite, they become Yechudim. The stages of ascent determine the name of both the person and the action.

Question: Do all these characteristics appear in a person who begins to study Kabbalah?

Answer: Yes, absolutely in everyone. The fact is that as we are developing, then all the many properties and circumstances add up in us into one integral picture and this does not seem quantitatively. For example, now I am in a room where there are many objects, all different kinds of them, but I see them as one picture. I understand all this, I know, I am familiar with it.

Question: So do I need to know and understand all the details?

Answer: No, you will know and understand them. But it depends on what form, more or less, as far as the root of your soul needs to be connected with the source, with the Creator.

Question: Ninety percent of the people do not know how all the processes in the world take place. Is it not so in spirituality? Spiritually, should I know everything?

Answer: No. Just as in our world the main thing for me is to feel comfortable egoistically at every moment, so in the spiritual world, the main thing for me is to feel comfortable altruistically at every moment. That is, to produce the maximum return in those properties that appear every second.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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