Good Power Filling The World


This means that he must believe above reason and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator that is felt in his organs, and he sees and feels that the Creator leads the entire world as the good who does good. Although when he looks within reason he sees the opposite, he should still work above reason and it should appear to him as though he can already feel in his organs that so it really is, that the Creator leads the world as the good who does good (Rabash, Article 28, “What Is Do Not Add and Do Not Take Away in the Work?”).

You must believe above reason, that is, contrary to your understandings, opinions, and beliefs, and imagine that you have already been rewarded with faith in the Creator, as if you already feel Him with all your organs, and see and feel that the Creator leads the entire world as the good who does good. We must be clear about this.

And although at the moment I don’t feel the Creator as good who fills the whole world with His good attitude, I try as best I can to imagine what kind of world it is in which such a phenomenon manifests itself when everything around is filled with the revelation of good power.

No matter where I turn, no matter what I think, no matter what I do, no matter what I encounter, everywhere I see the manifestation of the Creator’s kindness. His presence fills the whole world.

Imagine that the Creator (the good, positive force) fills the whole world and you and your friends unite in such a way that you want to feel this force through your intention for kindness. You want to make yourself a detector that reveals this power to the extent that you want to create it among yourself in the group.

To do this, there must be several people giving, influencing each other positively, so that in connection with each other they uncover a quality that would reveal to them the Creator who fills everything. This is how we create the Kli (vessel) for the revelation of the Creator.

We have everything for this. It doesn’t matter that we don’t see or feel anything yet. The main thing is that we are together. We will strive for this as much as we can. And in accordance with this, we will gradually force the Creator to reveal Himself in the connection that we artificially create between ourselves in feeling.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/8/22, “Going with Faith above Reason” Lesson 5

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