Attack The Concealment Of The Creator

507.04Question: How can we maintain the special connection that we have tuned into among ourselves at the congress?

Answer: Kabbalah, on the one hand, is a somewhat unrealistic science because it does not operate within the physical qualities of our sensations. On the other hand, it is absolutely real because we must not only study and explore it, but also create it, and not simply create it, but do so out of our opposite qualities.

In this movement of studying the opposite qualities, we must attract the concealed upper force of nature that holds, nourishes, births, saturates and fills everything. This is a quality of bestowal. It comes through a little, but it is still manifested and perceived by us in our egoistic qualities.

And here,  in connection with each other, we must manifest these qualities of nature, the qualities of selfless bestowal. And in the measure we strive for this, we begin to feel that there is such a quality of real, true love in nature, which is called “the Creator.” But it is concealed because we ourselves conceal it since we do not have such qualities and feelings or such relations between us.

Therefore, the Creator broke the original single desire He created so that in all possible attempts to connect between us, we could somehow understand what is opposite to us, and start trying to reveal it and pull it out of concealment.

So we will act as the Kabbalists advise us; we will attack the concealment of the Creator because there is only Him and His concealment, which we must negate with our efforts. We need to create such connections between us in order to reveal this quality of love and bestowal, then, in the way our relationships resemble the Creator, He will be revealed in them.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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