Attack On The Concealment Of The Creator

583.04I hope you had time to prepare for the congress and feel more independent. We will try to conduct it in such a way so that we really feel the Kli (vessel) that we must create together in order to reveal the Creator in it. This is the most important thing.

The name of the congress speaks for itself: “Rising Above Ourselves.” This, in principle, is what everyone and all of us should do together, in mutual assistance. And then we will feel the world we actually exist in constantly, not in our broken feelings and perceptions, but in the world of the Creator.

Nothing was broken in fact. Everything exists only in our sensations. If we correct them, we will feel the real, eternal, whole creation.

Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature is all that we perceive today in our broken sensations. We cannot escape this. That is all there is in us, and that is us. Our feelings divide our world into: me and the rest.

But we know from Kabbalah that really nothing was broken. Everything exists in its entirety, and the shattering is only in us. This is the first, the main, point from which we must proceed; everything that exists exists in me.

And if I correct my perception of the world, then I will feel a different world. It is up to me. That is why our method is called the wisdom of Kabbalah—how to receive, perceive, and feel yourself and everything around you.

Kabbalists, those people who have mastered this special quality of perception and are not disturbed by egoistic properties, say that it is possible to perceive the world as it really is and not as it seems to us as reflected in our senses.

We can adjust our senses to feel the world in a different way and gradually improve our perception without involving egoistic obstacles in it. And then we will perceive the world as a single, benevolent upper force, which relative to ourselves, we call the Creator.

“World” (Olam) comes from the word “Alama” (concealment). It means that our world is concealment. Therefore, our task is to establish ourselves so that we perceive not the world that we feel now, but what is hidden behind it, the Creator Himself.

How can we do this? Calibrate yourself for this. How do I calibrate myself for this? Remove the obstacle. And there is only one obstacle—us.

Therefore, we must attack the concealment of the Creator or attack our egoism that divides us and fragments our entire perception into pieces, into separate parts, into levels that are closer, further, and so on.

We need to make sure that we perceive the world as a whole and not as torn apart by our egoistic organs of sensation.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us” Lesson 1

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