How To Learn To Hear Others

281.02Question: Marina writes to you: “I realize with horror that I have lost this gift—to listen and hear other people. But I had it. Is it possible to get it back?”

Answer: There is no need. I don’t think you should hear and listen to all people.

We must first learn how to work in bestowal within ourselves properly and then start listening to people. And if you just start listening, then you will simply be filled with their problems. You will be sick with their sores and nothing good will come from it.

Question: So a person must first prepare himself to listen to others?

Answer: Yes. It is necessary to have a very good system of perception, correct processing of information, correct feedback from the result of that processing, and then you will be able to treat others correctly, properly, you will be able to unite, treat, and help. Otherwise, what will you do? Will you sit and cry and empathize all the time? Nobody needs it.

Question: So you are saying that only if there is a real goal—to help someone—when one has reached that state, then he will hear and listen?

Answer: Yes. Therefore, our connection with other people is built through protection called the screen, Machsom, border. It is like a shield. I become very harsh on myself and others and start sorting very seriously what I get from them, what I give them, and so on.

This is rigidity toward oneself and rigidity toward others so that they also begin to appear correctly, without falling apart. It does not mean being polite; it is a correction. This is very, very serious. Everything must be thought out, clearly weighed, and correctly directed toward the common goal.

The conclusion here is very simple, any correct future that has the right to exist can be created when people rise above their egoism and begin to work together to create a completely new system, a new network of communications, and interactions between them. Then all problems disappear, and people are included in a completely new society.

Question: And when will Marina be able to hear and listen to other people?

Answer: When there is correct communication between them, opposite and new, then she will be able to hear others. Everyone works only for the other, for everyone, and everything rises above the personal, private egoism of a person.

People will reach this state. It is the necessity of nature! You do not have to be a romantic, a believer, nothing like that. We will just see in front of us that it is either that or nothing.

Question: Why does it hurt her so much? She writes: “I realize with horror that I had lost this gift.”

Answer: It is because of the detachment from egoism. But everyone should and will be in it for a long time. Until a person comes to the conclusion that that’s it, I close this door, I have nothing to do with it, I share my actions and relationships with others only for them and not for myself.

Switching to such a paradigm, to such a relationship, I immediately begin to feel free! This is the future society.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/18/21

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