How Can Love For One’s Neighbor Lead To Love For The Creator?

237How can love for one’s neighbor lead to love for the Creator? We must always remember that we came from one soul, from Adam HaRishon. The Creator created Adam, filled him, and organized everything in him.

All processes and all states are embedded within this Kli. However, we have data from the shattering, which is opposite to perfection and connection, and in this way, from an imperfect state to a perfect one, we need to reach the intended purpose.

All the data from the previous states is already present in Adam HaRishon; we do not discover anything new. As it says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Our task is only to put everything in order, to make ourselves ready to accept all the stages of connection and the spiritual world that is being revealed to us.

After the shattering we became opposite from love for one’s neighbor. This was done on purpose in order to connect us with light and darkness, hatred and love, connection and separation, because only out of the two opposites are we able to feel what it means to be a created being and to be a Creator. After all there is no Creator without created beings.

We are lacking this feeling, and therefore we do not notice the Creator. We only say that the Creator is concealed, but in fact there is no concealment. The Creator is everywhere, but we are just not able to reveal Him with our senses. The force of bestowal fills all of reality, but we only reveal a little bit of the force of reception and with it we depict this entire world, our bodies, our universe. There is nothing real in this picture.

Shattering and concealment were arranged in order to give us the opportunity to gradually open our eyes and form a spiritual sensory organ. Otherwise it was impossible to establish the created beings.

The created being is a special concept. The Creator had to prepare all the conditions: from completeness to absolute incompleteness, up to the point of separation and utter darkness, in order for us to rise from this darkness and disconnection, from this almost non-existing state. After all, this state exists only at one point that establishes the relationship of the Creator with the future created beings, which is called a point in the heart or a part of divinity from above or a spark of light.

This spark operates in every created being, advances it closer and closer to the feeling of reality outside of it, that is, the force of bestowal. As a person develops, he begins at least to feel what is happening outside of him in the corporeal world and attains corporeality. Although in fact it is not happening outside, but rather inside of him. Then he comes to spiritual attainment.

This is how we gradually build our Kelim through connection with each other. At first it is an egoistic connection, for the sake of doing well in this world. Then new Kelim, spiritual ones, gradually become revealed within us.

We need to understand that egoism leads us to a dead-end, and we need to come to the truth that is above us. It is not we who establish the laws of the world, but the upper force; there is nothing besides it. We need to study these laws and try to perform the correction.

Everything begins with submission. Therefore the more a person and humanity succumb to their egoistic nature, the more they receive blows, after which they will have to conclude that we have no way to act according to our egoism, but we need to study what actually corresponds to the laws of the world or the laws of upper nature, the laws of the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/21, “Love for the Creator”

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