The Right Way To Cope With Anger

962.4Question: People in Israel have a short fuse that causes a conflict of desires and heightens anger. What is the right way to respond to anger?

Answer: This is due to lack of education. People simply have no patience and cannot control themselves. They are spoiled because we let our children do whatever they want, which is forbidden.

We need to teach and educate children how to cope with different hardships in life from a young age.

Question: We want to educate our youth to respond to anger correctly. What are we supposed to teach them?

Answer: We must teach them how to stop their anger.

Question: Is it better to run away instead of responding to the person in front of me?

Answer: Of course it is better, but we know how hard that is.

Question: Many marriage counselors say that it is important to know how to fight. How do you fight correctly?

Answer: That is correct. There is no getting closer and no peace without quarrels, but they have to go in tandem. We must learn how to set an example for one another.

I set an example by making an effort to overcome myself, and although I am angry, I relate to the other with love: “Love will cover all crimes.”

Question: Is it possible to relate to our partner with love when we quarrel?

Answer: It is a matter of practice.

Question: Where do you bring love from when someone is mad at you and hates you?

Answer: It is simple, we cover the rage and anger with love, but the love is inside so it is a matter of balance between the two.

The more I can play with either one, the more I must constantly play with them. I must not totally identify with the feeling of anger or of love but only have the two feelings operate in me so that I control these two ends together.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/12/21

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