Become Similar To The Higher Nature

550Question: Is the restriction a one-time action or should it be done every time?

Answer: It should be done constantly, Each time is different, depending on the circumstances. Some pleasures come to the Kabbalist, and he constantly calculates whether he can use them or not since he is, at the same time, a conductor of light into our world.

Question: What is it that comes to a Kabbalist?

Answer: Let’s say you get a million dollars every day.

Comment: But this is unrealistic. If I did receive a million dollars daily, I would, of course, do the calculations.

My Response: You could if you are able not to receive it.

Question: Is a Kabbalist constantly being given such proposals from above? It turns out to be an interesting life!

Answer: What do you mean “interesting”? It turns out that his life is in constant tension, and he must behave correctly.

At the level at which you are, begin to create the conditions that enable you to fulfill your wish to correct the world. And then you will see how ever greater powers and knowledge will come to you. And then, maybe, millions of dollars as well. It all depends on how much you are able to implement them correctly.

Question: Here, of course, you need to understand the most important thing, the goal: For the sake of what am I implementing it?

Answer: It should be only for the sake of the upper force of bestowal and love in the whole world, in all of nature.

Question: How is this different from a simple calculation? I was created by nature in such a way that I have an automatic program that makes decisions, and I am in agreement with it. And here, as you say, you have to think, make some effort. For what?

Answer: If you wish by your volitional effort to become similar to the higher nature, the Creator, then you must look for how to become similar to it. And to be like this force means to do good.

Question: Yes, but in a person there must be some kind of inclination for this. Why should I become like this power? Especially if you say that this is the force of love and bestowal, and nothing will come of it for me.

Answer: You will get nothing from this and you won’t get anything for it.

Question: Then why?

Answer: To be like the Creator. Otherwise, you want to work for a fee. It won’t work.

Nature has laid forces, desires, in us and they will lead us to this. But with our thoughts, thinking about it, we can hasten this metamorphosis. And although it seems unrealistic, there is no choice. Everyone will come to this.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/16/21

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