What Will Follow The Ransomware Viruses?

627.2Question: Today, you can rent a “Ransomware” program and conduct cyberattacks on rich companies.

As payment for using the service, hackers take part of the ransom received from the victim. Payments to hackers who have carried out attacks in the United States using ransomware viruses have amounted to more than $600 million to date.

Cybercrime is growing and will continue to grow.

People are trying to defend themselves from hackers in one way or another, but they are developing even stronger viruses. Is there any protection from them?

Answer: If they came to me, I would tell them, “I am prepared to publish everything I have on the Internet, everything I have in the archive, absolutely everything! Where should I send it?”

I have nothing to hide.

Question: Do you, on the contrary, want them to hack everything you have?

Answer: But I will not tell them this.

Question: In order for them to exert? To make efforts?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it mean that one can come to a state where he is prepared to disclose everything?

Answer: No, this is impossible in the current state of the world. Everyone has their own secrets. But! If we come to the correction of the world, then, of course, all this will disappear due to lack of demand.

Question: When you say “correction of the world” what state will companies be in then if the world comes closer to this?

Answer: They will be complementing each other in order to better serve the population.

Comment: This is nice! So far they still do have secrets how to take from the population.

My Response: And then they will be the opposite: take everything, do what you want.

Comment: Here we have such an interesting scenario of the Creator, it seems that we were brought to this state so that I would say: “I want them to receive from me.”

My Response: I can no longer continue to live in this world, in this egoistic closed world that puts me in the framework of only for my own sake. I cannot exist like this anymore! Then people will agree to a completely opposite existence where I want others to receive from me. And I benefit from it.

Question: Can it be that these cyberattacks are leading us to this?

Answer: Of course! Everything that happens in the world is just to bring us closer to a reasonable, rational end of all of this.

Question: Will it lead us to a state where I have nothing to hide? Or where do I not want to hide anything?

Answer: All this will disappear along the way. However, this should happen through a very serious shock when a person realizes that he does not want to live in such a state anymore. There is no point to exist for the sake of chasing something illusive. All this threatens him every minute and literally sucks all the life out of him.

Therefore, it is worth switching to a different meaning, to a different paradigm of existence. Switching to bestowal instead of reception. In general, this is quite simple.

Question: Do you see this as the most natural solution for all these attacks?

Answer: Yes. People will understand that everyone has to turn themselves inside out. This will be called “for the sake of others, instead of for my own sake.” Then everything will be good!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/18/21

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