Mastering The Quality Of Bestowal And Love

232.06Question: I spoke to many psychologists and tried to understand what the problem with psychology is. They say that it is very difficult to find methods of managing egoism because it is constantly growing, especially nowadays.

How do Kabbalists deal with the fact that egoism is constantly growing? How can we counterbalance it?

Answer: Kabbalists say that there is no need to counterbalance egoism, there is no need to do anything with it at all. You just have to work all the time to master the quality of bestowal and love, rise above the ego, and not stay on its level. That is the approach of Kabbalah.

By rising above egoism toward the quality of bestowal, love, connection, interaction, and communication with each other, we begin to understand how diverse egoism is, how strong it is, and how difficult it is for us to deal with it.

But at the same time, we reveal qualities in us that are opposite to egoism. And then, based on the combination of egoistic and altruistic qualities, we can understand both psychology and the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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