Kabbalah—In Favor Of Our Internal Development

565.02Question: How can we distinguish laziness from dangerous, harmful inaction?

Answer: Laziness is a very useful property. If only it prevailed in humanity and did not push us to do all sorts of stupid things, then we would generally live well.

Everyone would move like a sloth. Do you know how they move? If we were all like that, it would be great!

Laziness is a very good property. It is not for nothing that the Torah says: “Sit and do nothing – better.” If you can do nothing, don’t. The world won’t stop. You will not stop this terrible progress, everything will spin. And you take part in it as much as you have to. But it’s no longer worth twitching somewhere and doing something.

In general, Kabbalah is not in favor of developing a person technically. It is for developing him only internally.
From Kab TV’s “Conversations” 11/1/21

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