Influenced By The Outside World

424.02Question: My question is about everyday life. How can I avoid the attention of people that I do not see as a part of my environment due to their potential destructive influence on me? How can I do this without offending them and by avoiding conflict? Why does the Creator send them to me on my life path?

Answer: The point is that these are not external people, they exist in you. You must streamline your inner feelings and properties, and then you will see how they cease to affect you.

All this is deliberately aroused in you by the same upper light, which fills absolutely all space so you can turn everything negative into positive. These people evoke additional critical analysis in you, you must listen and strengthen your opinion even more.

Then you will see that these people are not outside. In fact, they are within you. All of this is an outward display of your inner personal doubts and contradictions.

So, deal with them freely, only with the intention that you are willing to attain the truth. Do not lean on anyone’s side but analyze every state. If you still cannot do it, then at least you understand that you still have such unanswered questions. Later you will figure them out. Until then, write them down and forget about them for a while.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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