The Power Of A Glance

284Question: In our world, if someone looks back at you, you feel it because there is power in the gaze that comes from one’s eyes. What is this force?

Answer: A person emanates strength with every organ of his body but especially with his eyes. With the help of a glance, we can control and influence animals and people around us. “The evil eye” is not said in vain.

Question: Belief in the evil eye is one of the most common phenomena. What is your attitude toward it and can you give advice on how to protect yourself?

Answer: Undoubtedly the evil eye exists. I talked about this with Rabash and he said the same thing. How to protect yourself? Only by good deeds. No one can harm a person if he is truly kind to others.

Question: Why is it so hard and unpleasant to look a person in the eye?

Answer: You cannot look someone in the eye for a long time because it demands you to clearly express yourself in relation to him. And nobody wants that.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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