The Most Desirable Work

549Even in this day that I am in, I am happy to work under a great burden even seventy years, without any knowledge of its success (even my whole life), except that it is certainly the way that I have been commanded to walk in all His ways and to adhere to Him, which I have heard initially.

At the same time, I cannot excuse myself at all by any notion or contemplation from doing any work for His sake because of my lowliness. I crave and think all day about the sublimity of the work of God, in such sublimity that I cannot even write about it. (Baal HaSulam, “Letter 9“)

A person who has attained the spiritual world, the integral system of mutual connections of the whole creation with the Creator, says this. All of the levels of creation that are below the Creator were revealed to Baal HaSulam. He felt that his connection with the upper force enabled him to connect the creation to the Creator through him, which means that he constantly engaged in increasingly greater correction of the whole creation, since this is what the Creator had prepared for him.

There isn’t anything more sublime, clear, revealed and eternal than what Baal HaSulam did. And each of us is the same, every individual, even if he doesn’t totally understand and doesn’t know what the wisdom of Kabbalah is, he performs the Creator’s instructions, and still participates persistently in the process of the creation by living his life, even without being aware of it. So there is actually no one we can complain to with regard to sins and disrespect since everyone carries out instructions from above. No one can do anything against the Creator’s will.

The only question is how we should consciously reach the full understanding of the nature of the creation, the upper force, or the attribute of bestowal in the creation, which is called the Creator, and how we should carry out His instructions, His actions, and His desires. By performing all His actions consciously, we bring a great addition to creation. We exist in reality through our wise participation. This summons a great addition of energy, light, and joy there is in the attribute of bestowal in the Creator.

But even if we don’t do that, we need to understand that no created being can do anything against the Creator’s thought. This is impossible, because we are all clearly and precisely all the desires under His attribute and under His control. The only difference is in carrying out His instructions, the instructions of nature, consciously or unconsciously.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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