The Purpose Of The Actions Of A Kabbalist

962.8Question: How do you feel when you are told that one of your videos has been viewed by several million people?

Answer: I hope that this will help people avoid problems in life and to quickly achieve a good state, connection with each other and with the Creator. That, in principle, is the whole purpose of what I do.

Question: How do you deal with pride when a movie is made about you or you are interviewed? There are hundreds of these interviews!

Answer: I don’t have any pride. No! You can invite anyone to me or you can take me anywhere, even to a meeting with presidents—I am not impressed. I am talking to the Creator. What is man to me? I do not neglect it, but not a single person in the world can impress me somehow.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 9/10/21

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