Learn To Walk On Two Legs

546.02Everyone has states where he wants to escape from the spiritual path, give up studying, and move away from his friends. These states are given specifically to teach us. Like teaching a baby to walk, the parent takes a step back and the child loses his support and cries. But there is no way out and he is forced to take a step forward.

That is how the Creator teaches us. He wants us to learn to stand firmly on two legs and go forward on them. We must understand that even the left leg, the left line, which pushes us away from spirituality, is also given for our benefit, in order to advance.

Therefore, the rejections we feel in life are never given to push us off the spiritual path, but on the contrary, only for advancement. We only need to overcome a little more, to invest a little more strength and try not to forget that this is how the Creator teaches us to walk.

The group should hold the person in its arms all the time to serve as the right environment that supports him and does not let him forget that we are advancing in this form on two legs. It is impossible to walk on one leg.

Therefore, everything comes from above and only for the sake of our advancement. This means that even the worst conditions also contribute to advancement. It is possible to take a step forward from any state to a better state if we do not choose a more pleasant one but a more useful and effective one to advance toward the goal of creation.

Then we will see that we always have an opportunity to move in this direction. The Creator always opens the way for us to rise above egoism and get closer to the goal.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/30/21, “Baal HaSulam. Shamati 10. What is “Hurry, My Beloved,” in the Work?”

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