How To Jump Into The Light

608.02We need to understand that we do not see anything in the spiritual process, as if we have lost consciousness. We are absolutely cut off from the spiritual world and if we want to return to consciousness, we must fulfill what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches: to detach ourselves from our egoism and integrate in someone else’s desire, outside of ourselves.

A foreign desire is the desire of the Creator, which is absolutely opposite to me, and therefore I cannot jump into it. How can I jump from myself into the Creator? To do this, I have been given a tool: the group.

The upper light spreads through four stages from top to bottom along the Sefirot—Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut—and inside Malchut builds the desire to receive. And in order to jump into the light, I have to climb the same steps back up.

If I gather a group and annul myself in front of them as Malchut toward the first higher Sefirot, then I express my desire to become like Keter. It turns out that I jump from my side to the side of the Creator with the help of the ten, the group. This is the whole patent.
From the International Kabbalah Convention 9/25/21, “Entering Impregnation – Revealing a New World”, Lesson 1

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