“Day And Night” In The Work Of The Creator

962.3We are inside our own egoistic desire, which naturally makes us care only for ourselves. Therefore, if we want to feel and comprehend the Creator, by ascending to spiritual existence, we must resist our egoism and fight against it in order to follow the opinion of the Torah, the opinion of the Creator instead of our own opinion.

This work to belittle ourselves, to bow our egoistic desire to the desire of the Creator, must be carried on continuously, and in such a way we build a higher world over this world.

This work is called faith above reason because we set the desire of the Creator above our desire, we raise the forces of bestowal over the forces of reception. Despite our desire to distance from others, we need to annul ourselves in front of our friends. And thus we shape the properties of the Creator in us and begin to feel Him according to the similarity of our properties.

This work is becoming clearer, more focused, and precise. Over and over again we return to our desire for pleasure so that we reformat and organize it in a new way. Now we feel everything inside our egoism: all of reality, this whole world, the whole universe. But if we exchange our desire with the desire to bestow to the Creator, then instead of this world, we will see the upper, spiritual world, true and eternal.

To do this, we make the transition from knowledge to faith above reason. Why is this called faith and not just the opinion of a higher one? Because every time we build the Creator’s property of bestowal over our desire to receive pleasure, over the property of reception, and it turns out that this is not simply faith or simply bestowal, the opinion of the Creator, but faith above reason, that is, Bina, which rules over Malchut.

Only in this form do we ascend higher and higher until we move out of the sensation of this world into the sensation of the upper world, and we continue until we acquire the entire property of Bina. First, we begin to separate from Malchut and enter Bina, then Malchut is included in Bina, and by this we reach Keter.

Through this work, we reveal the Creator and the upper world, each time more and more. Gradually, we start along the well-trodden path leading us to understanding what creation is, how humanity, the entire universe, all of nature, and all the worlds are built. Our path should include everything that allows us to explore better the connection between all parts and to feel ourselves inside the creation.

At the same time, we will inevitably fall and get confused. If we shift from state to state, from stage to stage, then everything that was before is erased and we lose all sensations when entering a new stage. After all, we perceive reality in ten Sefirot, and when they are renewed, when a new desire comes and new nine upper Sefirot above it, then a fundamental change occurs in our entire Kli in which we feel reality. Therefore, there is a separation from the previous state, from spiritual perception and sensation, and a transition to a new state.

One needs to get used to such transitions, called “day and night” in the work of the Creator. A new day does not come without the night, without the disclosure of new, not yet corrected Kelim. And when we find ourselves in these new desires, we do not understand where we are and we become confused. This is night in spiritual work.

You need to get used to such work at night, to the feeling of darkness, the loss of sensations and understanding, and realize the need for such states because it is impossible to come to a new state, to a new stage, without them.  It is the work in darkness that helps us to see what is still lacking in order for the night to become equal to the day, the darkness to shine as light, and to come to the state that everything is as day.

This entire path, from the very beginning to the end, is at the expense of bending ourselves down, lowering our egoism, until we start working with it more and more. From Malchut to Bina we hide our desire, and when we attain the degree of Bina, the degree of bestowal, we begin to awaken the desire to receive pleasure and ascend from Bina to Keter.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/1/21,“Lowliness and Subjugation”

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